5 German Bundesliga hot talents to watch for in 2022


The Bundesliga is famed for nurturing young talent, catapulting young England stars like Jude Bellingham and Jadon Sancho right into first team action at the highest-level.

Jamal Musiala – the Bayern Baller

Sadly for English fans, this 18 year old wonderkid chose to play for Germany instead of us! However, this does not take away from what a young superstar Musiala already is. Recently becoming the youngest player to play for the German national team in a European Finals, this Bayern Munich prodigy has a guaranteed bright future ahead of him.

Having watched this boy mature in the Bundesliga over the past few seasons it is very clear on why Joachim Löw, the former German Head Coach gave Musiala his senior debut. However, a lot of credit must go to the current German Head Coach and the former Bayern Munich manager, Hansi Flick, who nurtured him at Bayern Munich. As an attacking midfielder, who has such great vision and awareness, it is very clear to see why his name is being talked about more and more.

This young man’s talents don’t just lie in his ability to pick a good pass, he has already racked up a number of assists and goals for the German giants, Bayern Munich. This is already such a great achievement considering the fact he is playing alongside some of the best in world football, such as Joshua Kimmich, Thomas Muller and Robert Lewandowski.

The amount of knowledge Musiala must be learning from such experienced players and coaches must be astounding, and one of the main reasons why his game is developing at such an alarming rate.

I believe this young man will become a superstar, most likely at Bayern Munich, as he matures into an even better footballer than he already is. There is so much more room for him to learn and I think he will have a serious impact on the German national team for many many years to come!

Florian Wirtz – the Upcoming Star

This is a player that many international fans will have heard of, as he has recently been in the headlines during the transfer window. Many big European sides wanted to prize the attacking midfielder away from the Bundesliga side Bayer Leverkusen.

In fact, at the humble age of 18, he has already played over 50 times for Leverkusen, domestically and in the cups. He originally comes from a small and quiet area of Germany, in the west which is close to the Belgium border. Florian has never moved far away from home as his only 2 senior clubs have been Koln and Bayer Leverkusen, both of which are in the same province where he grew up.

It is clear to see that this young man has an eye for a pass and an eye for goal. He has scored 15 times already for his club and I can guarantee many more will follow. He recently made his international debut also for the German national team, under Hans Flick, and he is added to the ever-growing list of young German talent that is coming through the Bundesliga youth systems.

Wirtz is quite small in stature, a very similar build to a player like Joshua Kimmich, a fellow German player. However, his playing style is a lot more attacking and aggressive than his stature may suggest. He plays as an attacking midfielder, usually plays behind the striker but also has played frequently on the wing.

A similar player to him would be someone like Kai Havertz, now of Chelsea. Although Kai Havertz is significantly taller than Wirtz, they play a similar game. Coincidentally Florian Wirtz is deemed to be the ‘new Kai Havertz’ of the Bayer Leverkusen team, many football critics say. There is a lot to admire about this young man, especially his work rate. He is known for covering a lot of ground, unlike many attacking players. He has incredible stamina and puts in a defensive effort for his team as well as his great attacking threat going forwards. There is no doubt that Florian Wirtz will be at the heart of the German national team in years to come, but also an incredible talent for his current club.

Youssoufa Moukoko – the Child Prodigy

Now here is a name that very few people will have heard of. He is a German international, Cameroon born, footballer who plays in the Bundesliga for Borussia Dortmund. Dortmund is well known for bringing in young talent to help them grow in the German league. When I say young talent, Moukoko takes this prize for sure. This young man is 16 years old, just 16!

Most footballers don’t mature and play their best football until their late twenties usually, which means this young man has 10 years before that to impress, what a head start he has! He has already broken several records including becoming the youngest player to play and score a goal in the Bundesliga. He also became the youngest player to ever play in a UEFA Champions league game, astonishing records.

Having watched a lot of the Bundesliga over the past few years, I have seen glimpses of the talent that he already possesses. He is a goalscorer, a pacey and enthusiastic striker who is currently learning from one of those most prolific goalscorers currently, Erling Haaland. Obviously, the 16 year old is not playing football every single week due to his lack of match experience, however if he carries on working hard, I strongly believe this boy will get better and better. He has all the traits of a clinical goalscorer and there is no doubt that he is one for the future.

Giovanni Reyna – Captain America

Sunderland born, but American made. This classy attacking midfielder is a definite future superstar. Currently playing for the German giants, Borussia Dortmund, he has already racked up over 50 appearances for his club, consistently contributing with goals and assists.

The American maestro, already a key component for both his club and country, oozes class when watching him. Although he is only 18 years old, when observing him and his movements, he could easily pass for a prime player in his late twenties. He is the definition of an old head on a young man’s shoulders! Sadly, he has suffered a few injuries already in his career which has slightly stalled his consistent run in the Bundesliga, but I have no doubt he will overcome these injuries and become a better player for them.

More impressively, recently he was called up to play for his national team, the stars and the stripes! Making 9 appearances thus far, he has already netted 4 goals in no time – a very impressive feat. He has already won many awards and cups in his short career, but there is no reason why he will not win many many more. When I have watched him during matches, the player he resembles the most is Thomas Muller, I would say. He is very confident on the ball and seems to always make the right decision, either to pass or take on a shot. This attribute will stand him in good stead for his long and prosperous career.

Silas Katompa Mvumpa – the Pace Merchant

Silas, as he is more commonly known, is a pacey winger who plays in the German Bundesliga for VfB Stuttgart. Another player who is probably unknown to many people but I strongly believe he will be a sensational talent in a few years’ time. His record already speaks for itself! In 58 appearances for his club, he has already racked up 21 goals. Many of these games he was playing as a winger or a wide midfielder as well! These statistics might not seem overwhelming or that impressive but we have to remember he is playing for a club who have just been promoted to the Bundesliga and have a low budget.

After watching him play in the Bundesliga last season it is very hard not to get excited about the future for this young Congolese man. He is one of the fastest and most direct players in the Bundesliga already, and we can see he has an eye for goal too. He has already gained achievements in the Bundesliga, being awarded the Rookie of the Month award three times already in his first full season in the league.

The first time that I genuinely thought this player was destined to be a star was in a 2-0 win over Mainz in January 2021. Silas’ overall performance was already great but the best was yet to come. He scored a 83m solo goal in 11.5 seconds. At this moment, I knew I was witnessing a star for the future. Sadly, Silas was injured during the last campaign but I can guarantee when he returns, he will be a force to be reckoned with!