Football Stadia in the UK


Within the past few months, there have been many discussions on where to hold the European Football Championships in 2028.

After the nonsense idea submitted by disgraced UEFA vice president Michel Platini, to stage the tournament across Europe, common sense has finally prevailed by having the finals in one particular place, instead of supporters and teams traipsing around various parts of the continent.

Finally, UEFA agreed to stage the tournament here in the UK, after an audacious bid from Russia (you couldn’t make it up could you?), which will enable all four home nations to participate in staging various matches.

Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England will now all hold group games at some point allowing supporters to see the best players and games in their own stadiums.

Looking at some of the magnificent stadiums that are available to us here in the UK, it is no wonder we have been awarded the finals, how many other countries can boast of the level of perfection that we have at our disposal? The amount of excellent venues that we have is exceptional, probably the best in the world right now.

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At one point in football history, Wembley stadium was considered the best in the country, but now other grounds have certainly caught up, albeit not as big.

The Premier League can boast some of the best stadiums across Europe, but when you consider, some of the football league clubs that reside in their arenas, are classed as lower league sides, it is amazing to see the level of stadia that they use, and are on par with some of the Premier League teams.

Clubs such as Sunderland, MK Dons, Millwall, Middlesbrough, Derby County, Coventry City, Hull City, Huddersfield, Swansea, Stoke City, Reading, and Bolton have all built new stadiums over the last 25 years, all of which would grace the Premier League standings, some have had that privilege, before dropping down a division or two, whilst some of the others are yet to have that experience, nonetheless the grounds themselves are superb.

When a delegation from Italy came over to discuss how our pyramid system works within the football leagues, they were absolutely stunned that we had 92 professional clubs within the structure and were literally gob-smacked by the condition of the stadia especially in the lower parts of the league, they said that in Italy some of the second tier clubs have not got the same level of arenas that we have here.

One things all of these magnificent stadiums have in common is the level of engineering that got them built in the first place, the planning, design and shear hard work enabled these buildings to rise from the ground and sit proudly amongst the landscape, showing the level of expertise that at one time was just a drawing on a piece of paper and someone’s idea.

This got us thinking about how they came about, how much they cost, what makes them tick?

So we decided to take a look inside the buildings and find out the facts about the clubs that built them, see what makes them work, see what they offer to the everyday supporter/ visitor.

So feel free to read our full series on football stadia in the UK, where we will try to cover every ground and will list them here as we go:

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