The Basics of an Asian Handicap in Sports Betting


The majority of the people around the globe are into one very popular sport – football. Either they would like to play the sport, spectate or make the most of it by placing bets on popular teams to see who wins and rake in large amounts of cash. But, did you know there is one aspect that can make or break it for you? It’s called the ‘Asian handicap’.

Before You Place a Bet

If you ever want to win a bet on football, there are a few things you should do regarding the research of the match in front of you. Not many people are clued on each of the players or the teams, which is why you should consider a few criteria before placing a bet on either one. Research is an integral part of the whole process.

This basic list below gives you a rough idea of what to look at:

●        Financial Strength of the team and players

●        Historical performance

●        Player availability – injuries or suspensions

●        Home field advantage

●        Form

All of these would be the perceived differences between both teams at any match you are considering betting on.

Doing your research beforehand, from both perspectives, handicaps as well as those who have had a successful streak at some of the major games in the past, will help bring significant winning. The above list usually helps both bookmakers and traders to establish which team will have a higher probability of winning the match.

How Does Asian Handicap Work?

If you’re not clued up on the concept, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. An Asian handicap in the simplest explanation is a form of betting or sports booking, most commonly placed on games of football, in which the individual players as well as the teams as a whole, handicaps are considered.

In any game, it is normal to have some players stronger than others, for instance, some of the greatest Premier League players like Eric Cantona has a few of them, and accordingly, when you bet on the team, you need to know this information to make a calculative decision on who to put your money on.

In other words, you spread your funds on different players or between the two teams. Not necessarily 50% each but you can also place bets on, some more than others, depending on their skills, and because the system was originally coined in Indonesia, the name has stuck. You can place half-bets and even quarter-bets on different teams.

The Reasoning Behind It?

One of the main reasons for doing this i.e. spreading your bet that reduces the possibility of outcomes from the traditional 3 wagers as it usually is 1×2 wagers and gives those betting on the teams, a simplified betting option of 2 and a 50% chance of a win, so you dilute your cash so that you don’t end up losing too much of it at one go by betting all or most of it on just one team or player.

For bookies, it can be a good and bad thing depending on the cash at hand. Because it minimizes risk for those betting and also lessens the amount of cash placed on bets. However, these low margin options seldom contribute to the gross winnings so the payouts can be significant in any case.

Some sites like websites have helpful resources that help punters find sportsbooks which suit the kinds of bets they are looking to place too.

It helps to level the playing field for everyone involved and increases the chances of you as a trader, winning some money. Between the two teams, there will always be the underdog and the favourite ones, knowing which is which and knowing each one has only ever been an advantage for everyone involved.